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Nuclear Medicine: Cutting Cancer Mortality by a Quarter

Oncologist and Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Aleksey Butenko, reveals the specifics behind PET-CT and why this diagnostic method is vital.

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A network of nuclear medicine centres to cover Russia

A country-wide network of nuclear medicine centres is being set up in Russia. The project is conducted by “PET-Technology”, a company belonging to the RUSNANO group, with the participation of private investors. The idea is to create modern highly specialized diagnostic centres based on a method called positron-emission computerized tomography (PET/CT). This is one of the most promising methods for diagnosing cancers, as well as heart and neurological diseases.

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March, 2018. On 16th March a new nuclear medicine centre opened in Samara. The centre will carry out cancer diagnostics, as well as, for the first time in Russia, cardio-vascular diagnostics using PET-CT.

Up to 5000 medical examinations will be able to be carried out annually at the centre. According to the state guarantee programme, inhabitants of Samara and Samara Region will be able to receive their diagnosis using PET-CT free of charge.

December 2017. Department of Construction of the Moscow Region issued Commissioning Permit Nr. RU50-27-9908-2017 for start-up of Ontological and Radiological Center in Podolsk.

November, 2017. The Governor of Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov and the Ombudsman on the Rights of the Child, Anna Kuznetsova have visited the Regional Mother and Child Centre in Ramenskoye, Moscow Region, which opened its doors on 10th November. They praised the high quality of the equipment for neonatal special care and post-intensive care follow-up, as well as the new, modern operating theatres and the high level of professionalism of the staff.

June, 2017 . On 28th June within the Dubna Technology and Innovaton Special Economic Zone, the ceremonial laying of a capsule took place marking the beginning of a project to build Russia’s first factory producing medical equipment for radiotherapy.

March, 2017. The Moscow Region Minister of Health Dmitriy Markov, together with Deputies of the Regional and State Duma have visited the surgery wing of the Moscow Region oncology clinic, which is to open in May 2017.

November, 2016. On 25th November 2016 the opening of obstetric and neonatology departments in Republican Perinatal Centre has taken place in Ufa.

The new 24.300 m2 building was constructed in the framework of the Health System Modernization Program. The departments of radiology, functional diagnostics and NMR diagnostics, pathologic pregnancy, neonatal department and special care nursery, clinical diagnostic laboratory will open their doors.

October, 2016. The Belgorod modular medical centre at Kuibyshev St. 2A, has accepted its first patients PETRusCo has carried out the complete range of building works for the completion of the PET centre, acting as general project manager and principal contractor.

The centre has been completed in record time, and is equipped with mobile treatment and diagnostic systems and a modular computer tomography system, alongside equipment for carrying out radionuclide diagnostics, complying with all modern requirements applicable to nuclear medical facilities.

June 2016. Endorsement №62616/GGE10366/05 has been received from the State Regulatory Authority for project design documentation and results of engineering  surveys developed by PETRusCo, for major construction works at the OncoRadiological Centre, 26, 50 Years of VLKSM St., Podol'sk, Moscow Region.

March, 2016. Over the last year, under the project to set up a network of nuclear medical centres, PETRusCo Ltd has completed work on positron emission and computer tomography centres in Kursk,  Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

February, 2016. On 18th February 2016, endorsement №188-16/GGE-10376/05 was issued by Federal Autonomous Institution, Central State Regulatory Authority (GlavGosEkspertiza) Russia for project design documentation and results of engineering surveys set out by PETRusCo Ltd for the Onco-Radiological Centre major construction project located at Karbishev St., 6, Balashikha, Moscow Region.

February, 2016. An automated Elekta Infinity radiotherapy system, along with a suite of radiation monitoring equipment, has been put into operation at the Ministry of Health treatment and rehabilitation centre.

December, 2015. On 17th December 2015, authorization №1711-15/GGE-10297/05 was received from GlavGosEkspertiza Rossii for project design documentation and results of engineering surveys prepared by PETRusCo Ltd for the Samara Medical Centre.

September, 2015. An Elekta Infinity robot-assisted radiotherapy system, along with additional fittings, has been delivered to the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre.

August, 2015. State Unitary Enterprise in Moscow MosOblStroyProgress  has got an endorsement of MosOblEkspertiza.

July, 2015. On 17th July  2015, PETRusCO received endorsement No. 965-15/GGE-10051/05 from the state expert assessment panel for project documentation and results of the engineering survey for the Ekaterinburg Medical Centre.

June, 2015. Endorsement has been given at local level for the technical section of design estimate documentation for the first construction phase of the Moscow Regional Oncology Centre and Surgical Wing, to be built at 6, Karbishev St., Balashikha, Moscow Region.

March, 2015. The “Application of Positron-Emission and Computerized Tomography (PET-CT) in Oncological Practice” scientific and research conference was held recently in Tambov. The event was organised by PET-Technology, a portfolio company of ROSNANO, as part of the project to establish a federal network of nuclear medicine centres.

March 2015. PETRusCo has established a specific section within its business structure working on a range of “clean room” premises, medicinal gases, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The new subdivision provides a full range of planning and construction services for “clean room” premises and related controlled environments – from consulting to installation, certification and technical servicing.

February, 2015. PETRusCo has completed adjustments to the building project documentation for the surgical facility at the Moscow Regional Cancer Clinic.

The facility, comprising a seven-storey 20,000m2 building is located on a 1.34 hectare site.

The site supervision agreement was signed in January 2015, and in February updated project documentation was submitted to the Moscow construction regulatory authority, Mosoblekspertiza.

PETRusCo Ltd has completed construction and installation work at the PET-CT Diagnosis Unit, part of the Medical and Healthcare Center on Druzhba St. 14, Kursk. The client, PET-Technology Ltd, signed the handover document accepting the completed facility on 22 December 2014.

“Open Innovations”, the International Forum for Innovative Development, was held in Moscow from 14 to 16 October 2014.

Organized with the support of the Russian Government, the Forum once again confirmed its status as a leading international platform for innovation. It was attended by representatives from 70 countries, including both Russian and foreign officials, CEOs of major corporations, managers from the high technology sector, venture investment specialists, scientists and young innovators.

More than 160 different events, discussions, round tables, presentations and lectures were held during the Forum. Our specialists took an active part in a round table session on the theme “ Medical diagnostics: fast, accurate and on time”.

A landmark part of the “Open Innovations” Forum was the exhibition “Open Innovations Expo 2014”, where our partner “PET-Technology” was represented in full size as one of the main projects on the stand of RUSNANO at the very centre of the exhibition.

On 2 September 2014, Nikolai Merkushkin, head of the Samara region administration, and representatives of RUSNANO launched the construction of the Positron-Emission Computerized Therapy Centre (PET-Centre) in Samara. It will be built next to the Samara regional cancer clinic.

The new centre will apply a very unique technology for diagnosing cancers, as well as neurological and heart diseases. The method requires introducing special agents into the patient before  he or she is placed in a highly powerful scanner. Thanks to this procedure, it will be possible to detect affected cells at a very early stage.

The creation of this Centre in the region was initiated by the Samara region administration and the RUSNANO group. In February, the administration had already signed an agreement with a subsidiary of the State company, “PET-Technology”, and it is this company that will operate the future Centre.

Based on information from http://www.vninform.ru

19 June 2014. On Thursday, Liudmila Shvetsova, vice-speaker of the State Duma and member of the ONF Central Committee, announced that the All-Russian Popular Front would be  analysing the reasons behind the delays in implementing the construction program of perinatal centres in several regions of the country. According to Ms Shvetsova’s words, which may be found on the ONF website, “the development of perinatal centres and the more efficient use of highly technological medical equipment are an essential part of the strategy for developing the Russian health system as defined by the President in his decrees last May. It is vital to combine the powers of the authorities in direct control with a form of control exercised by the public. This is the only way to make sure that the President’s orders are carried out and the situation of the health system improved”.

Based on information from http://www.vz.ru

28 May 2014.  “Cancer can be cured” are generally the first words to be found in the ads placed in various tabloids by would-be healers and charlatans. But the words are indeed true! At certain conditions. Cancer can really be cured if it is detected at its very earliest stage. If a couple of cells only are affected and the doctor detects them in time, he can treat them selectively, destroy them, and the patient will be cured. Early diagnosis is possible thanks to nuclear medicine. But alas, Russia lags far behind other developed countries in this area. We are therefore afraid of cancer, we live in fear of developing a tumour, although in the rest of the world cancer is by far no longer so terrifying. In order to deal with the situation, the government has developed a targeted federal program for the health system called “Modernising the medical and pharmaceutical industry” and including two “nuclear” chapters. The realisation of these two chapters has been entrusted to two institutions belonging to Rosatom (State Atomic Energy Corporation): the Moscow scientific research institute in technical physics and automation (NIITFA) and the Saint-Petersburg scientific research institute in electro-physical devices (NIIEFA).  Both institutes have recently completed the tasks entrusted to them by the government.

Based on information from the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper

18 April 2014.  The republican cancer clinic of Ufa has held a scientific conference on the “Use of positron-emission computerized tomography (PET/CT) in oncology”. It was organized by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Association of oncologists of the federal district of Privolzhskii and “PET-Technology”, the planning and design subsidiary of Rusnano.

Source: press-service of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Bashkortostan

3 April 2014.  RIA Novosti, Serguei Negodin. Last Thursday, the vice-governor of the Tomsk region, Alexander Fedenev, the general director of “PET-Technology” (member of the “Rusnano” group), Yurii Pronin, and the general director of the “Corporation for the development of the Tomsk region”, Stanislav Yaschuk,  signed an agreement to build  a positron-emission tomography centre (PET-Centre) in Tomsk; this technology is the most efficient method to detect cancer at an early stage.

Based on information from www.ria.ru

The reconstruction of the building of Polytechnic Museum on Novaya Plotchad will cost the federal budget 7.617 billion Rubles. This information is contained in the Russian government regulation published in the bank of standard and statutory acts.

After the reconstruction the museum will turn into the garden-city where the museum pieces will be placed directly on lawns. This will make the visitors think that the progress is the continuation of nature. The underground level of the museum will be the continuation of the city zone and the yards will be covered with the film,

Next year a project of the new museum and education center of Polytechnic Museum and Lomonosov Moscow State University will be tendered. This center will be constructed on Vorobjevy Gory near the Mail Library and Shuvalovsky academic building. As previously reported, it will happen in 2015.

Source: realto.ru

A half of commercial centers which will be opened n Russia within next six months are situated in reconstructed buildings on the territories of reorganized industrial areas. This was told by Lada Belaychuk, research department deputy chief at Cushman&Wakefield.

"The most interesting project which will come to Russia is the industrial areas of Russian Railroad (RJD). We are now consulting them regarding the territories close to Maloje Kolzo of Moscow Railroad (MK MJD)”, added Mrs. Belaychuk.

According to an expert, the main advantage of the commercial centers on the territories of industrial areas is the availability of utility facilities which were used before in the industrial purposes and are more than sufficient for commercial centers.

“It seems to be a federal trend because the markets go away not only from million plus cities but also from cities with 500.000 population”, said the representative of Cushman&Wakefield.

Source: realto.ru

The extension of the application of the consumers’ protection law to the preliminary contracts of housing’s sale and purchase may result in the bankruptcy of many market players.

This opinion was expressed by Mr. Sergey Zimin, deputy authorized representative of President of the Russian Federation in the north-western federal district.

According to the resolution of the Supreme Court Plenum the application of the consumers’ protection law shall be extended to the preliminary sale and purchase agreements.

As an expert told, investors who singed such an agreement with a construction company will be able to claim judicially 3% of the housing price from the construction company per each delayed day since the date of the the construction completion. Moreover, there were already several precedents when the purchasers of the housing who signed the sale and purchase contracts with the construction company went to the court to exact a penalty from the construction company. However in most cases the delays of the construction completion occurs through no fault of the construction companies but through fault of the delayed actions of the registration authorities or utility supply companies.

Source: www.realto.ru

Moscow Charity Foundation “Podari Zhizn” founded by Chulpan Khamatova will get a plot of land for the construction of the children’s hospice from the Moscow government. According to the information of the Moscow Public Health Department the foundation shall select one of eight plots left for their choice.

"Today the foundation “Podari Zhizn” was given an opportunity to choose one of eight plots in Moscow to construct the children’s hospice. This land is granted for a charity purpose, i.e. the founders of the charity foundation will not pay for this land”, - said the officials of the Moscow Public Health Department.

Each plot has the surface up to 1 hectare. There are old buildings to be demolished on the plots. The plot will be let on lease for 49 years on free of charge basis.

Source: realto.ru

Next month the work on the development of New Moscow will be started according to the information from Mr. Alexander Kolontay, Deputy Director of State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan”.

“The real design work will start in December and will last two years”, - said Mr. Kolontay. He noted that certain concept is formed as a result of the tender of Moscow agglomeration development projects initiated by Moscow government.

Source: realto.ru

Other 450 presidios will be transferred to municipal governments by the Department of Defense till the end of the year according to the information from Mr. Dmitry Kurakin, Head of the Property Relations Department.

Totally 1,15 thousand presidios which are not used for the defense and safety purposes will be transferred to the regional governments by the Department of Defense.

“However these are all different structures. It requires certain work. That’s the reason why we suggested a new principle of cooperation with the subjects of the Russian Federation concerning the transfer of the military properties. This is the sign which means that the Department of Defense is ready to look for the ways to simplify bureaucratic procedures of the transfer of military properties”, - said Dmitry Kurakin.

According to the information of the Web portal realto.ru

The bill on the developers’ mutual insurance might be adopted till the end of 2012. This opinion was suggested by Mr. Alexander Hinstein, Deputy of the State Duma, who submitted the bill for consideration.

“After the committee on the financial markets gives the bill its first reading latest at the end of November, the bill might be passed to the second reading. I think that we will adopt the bill at the second reading by the end of the year”, - explained Mr. Hinstein to RIA Novosti.

Mr. Hinstein also said that the bill draft underwent substantial changes compared to the original version. In particular, in the purpose of the protection of investors’ interests the developers will chose to get either a bank guarantee or a commercial insurance police or the membership in a mutual insurance company.

According to the information of the Web portal realto.ru

The revocation of accreditation certificates will not cause any market collapse according to the experts. The head of the Federal Accreditation Service Mr. Savva Shipov informed the mass media on this.

The companies with the revoked accreditation certificates practiced non-state appraisal of project documentation and research. The revoke of their licenses is a logical effect of the amendments to the Urban Planning Code which entered into force on the 1st April of 2012. After these amendments became effective the expert appraisals of private construction companies were placed on the same legal footing as the appraisals of the state companies. However, the private companies shall correspond to a number of new requirements. Mr. Shipov noticed that they had enough time to fulfill the requirements. According to the announcement of the head of the Federal Accreditation Service on the 1st of February an open letter was published to inform all the companies accredited to carry out non-federal assessments on such requirements. As a result 72 non-state companies accredited to issue expert appraisal were left on the market.

The volume of the Russian construction appraisal market is estimated at 50 billion rubles annually. Mr. Shipov emphasized that the rejected companies can continue working on the market but only as consultants. Their consultations will have no legal force. Savva Shipov is certain that generally speaking these novations will lead to the increase of the completion on the appraisal market. It will result in positive changes. The waiting time to get documents will be reduced since there will be no long lines if the choice is good enough. It is too early to talk about the pricing, as the experts notice.

According to the information of the Web portal realto.ru

  • On the world commercial real estate market the investment activity is decreasing.
  • The real estate investment leader is USA. This is only one big economic region where the increase of this rate is fixed.
  • The largest volume of investment deals in big world’s region, including Russia, refers to the office segment.
  • The total volume of investments into the Russian commercial real estate market in the first quarter 2012 decreased in comparison with the first half of 2011.
  • Moscow became the fourth European city by the volume of investment deals on the real estate market.

According to the real estate Web portal realto.ru

The company Gals-Development is selecting an anchor tenant for the children’s store “Detsky Mir on Lubyanka”.

The main contenders are a supermarket chain hold by AFK Sistema and Ideas4retail owned by Evgeny Butman and Alexander Mamut. This information is known from a source close to the preparations for the deal. According to this source both potential tenants have now submisted offers. “Detsky mir” is presenting quite advantageous conditions but there is now talk of Hamley’s increasing their offer.

Detsky Mir’store on Lubyanka was opened in 1957. In 1992 the store was privatized. the store’s historic building gained its status as a site of regional cultural heritage. In 2008 the store was closed for re-construction which is conducted by Gals Development. The new store is scheduled to open in 2014, and investments in the refurbishment project are estimated at around 8 billion rubles.

The newly refurbished Lubyanka store will gain an area of more than 70.000 square meters. The tenants will be allotted a total area of nearly 40.000 square meters. According to the experts’ estimations the site will have consumer traffic of at least 25 million annual visitors.

From the 18th to the 21st of October, 2012 in Moscow, Gostiniy dvor the 27th International real estate exhibition took place. All the segments of the Russian and foreign real estate market: objects of urban, suburban, resort, exclusive, residential and commercial real estate were presented there. 

The fair was organized with the support of the Moscow Department of Urban Policy and Construction, the Moscow Association of Realtors, the Association of Moscow Investors, Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), Chamber of Commerce and Russian Federation in Russia.

 Foreign partners of “DOMEXPO" are Italian and American Association of Realtors  (A.N.A.M.A. and NAR), Spanish Property Exhibition in Madrid (SIMA). The participation of members of the Russian and Moscow Government, deputies, representatives of diplomatic corps, heads of companies in the exhibition raises the event status, draws attention and strengthens

The Moscow government creates in the downtown of Moscow a new innovation block of houses, Futuropolis. Under plans, as the project gets off the ground the block of buildings will cover an area of about one hectare between Pyatnitskaya St. and Malaya Ordynka St., and between the Klimentovsky and Chernigovsky alleyways.

Futuropolis, may appear in the heart of Moscow as a testing ground for new urban development technologies.

Under plans, as the project gets off the ground the block of buildings will cover an area of about one hectare between Pyatnitskaya St. and Malaya Ordynka St., and between the Klimentovsky and Chernigovsky alleyways. First near Pyantnitskay St. a new road with innovative asphalt and state-of-the-art traffic lights and innovative laser crosswalks had been planned. Now the authorities expanded their more than ambitious plans.

It will be a park similar to Disneyland.

About 3 billion Rubles will be invested in this project. The park will include several theme zones as well as attraction and show zones for children and adults. Vsitors will see characters of Disney's cartoon films in the park.

Anapa represented 30 projects for the amount of 130 billion Rubles at the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2012». A housing block will be built in the southern part of Anapa. The investment in this product is 13 billion Rubles.

Moreover, Anapa presented at the Forum a project of a new sea port which will replace the old sea port. The estimate cost of the project is several billion Rubles. A berth for large vessels, 12-stored building and car parking will be built.

Religious groups will not pay any fees for lands to be used for churches, synagogues and mosques. According to the law draft all legal entities that are exempted from paying land tax will use land free of charge.

Patriarch Kirill had sent President Vladimir Putin a letter asking not to denudate the church of the right to get the land from the state free of charge. Patriarch meant the the proposed amendments to the Civil Code.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Germain, General Director of Auchan in Russia, has announced plans to launch Auchan Dirve, a new retail format store. The first supermarket AUCHAN DRIVE will be opened in Moscow in 2013. It will be a 3.000 m2 building. Clients will pre-order groceries via the Internet and pick up their purchases in the store. The prices and the range of products will be the same as in AUCHAN.

Olympic athlete villages are constructed in Sochi in the coastal and mountain clusters. More than 6.000 places will be built for athletes.

The main Olympic Village which will host 3.000 people will be situated in the Imerety Valley. This complex will consist of 50 buildings with different number of stores. 16 buildings of these 50 are designed for Paralympic athletes.

In Krasnaya Polyana, the mountain cluster of Sochi, an Olympic village for 3.000 persons is built. The complex will be situated at the height of more than 1.000 meters above sea level. 50 buildings with different number of stores will be raised on the land plot of more than 80 hectares. The construction is over for 80%. Gasprom is constructing the Olympic village for 1200 persons at the ridge of Psekhako. This village consists of several parts. The western part includes the multi-stored hotels and the infrastructure. The eastern part of the village includes cottages. The construction of the cottages is over.

At the beginning of 2012 new apartments hosted athletes of the Russian Cup Ski Race. Then the athletes with the defeat of the musculoskeletal system stayed at the village during Biathlon Championship.

In June 2012 AHConferences carried out a conference “Russia’s Hotel Industry: Key Points of Growth”. The conference participants discussed key points of growth in hotel industry, how to improve the hotel level and increase the variety of hotel types in Russia.

The key topic of the conference was the development of hotel industry according to the regional and federal programs. The reconstruction of the hotel room stock and the creation of the existing infrastructure’s image were discussed. Project Imerety Valley which consists of 15 buildings and 15 hotel rooms and will host the Olympic Games in 2014 were presented at the conference.

The problem of the hotel standards and the improvement of the services by implementing automated management systems were discussed. As an example of the successful project “hotel on water” were presented.

The tenders regarding the use of lands of New Moscow for the buildings which will host federal authorities will be represented in July. The construction of the administrative complex will be started in 2013 according to the information of Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Dvorkovitch noticed that the final tenders will be represented in three months, i.e. by July. Regarding the movement of the federal authorities to the new place Mr. Dvorkovicth announced that the construction can be started earliest in 2013.

In spring 2012 the lease rates on the office premises market in the Moscow downtown increased by 20% compared to the last spring rates. The rate is USD 10.000 per 1 square meter.

The analysts notice that the office premises beyond Sadovy Koltzo became 12% more expensive – about USD 4 000 per 1 square meter. If comparing current rates with the ones in April 2012 they went up by several per cent in Moscow downtown and by 5 % on the skirts of Moscow.

Large Chinese investors such as China Oceanwide Holdings and Dalian Wanda Group show their intention to entry into the Russian commercial real estate market. Irkutsk was chosen as a launch pad.

The Moscow authorities decided to sell its share in old hotels which belong to the city. On good authority by December of 2012 Gostinichnay Company will be put out for tender. One of the shareholders of Gostinichnay Company is an American billionaire Mr. Ronald Lauder.

Gostinichnay Company holds more than 10 Moscow hotels such as Tsaritsino, Ostankino, Vladikion, Zolotoy Kolos, Orekhovo, Business Tourist, Sayani, Tourist, Kuzminik, Altay.

Yandex advised on the intention to put a new data center into operation. According to the company’s statement this data center will use a cooling technology which will help saving the electrical energy. This is one of the first data centers in Russia which use such a state-of-the-art technology.
According to the information from Mr. Khamsat Khasbulatov, McDonald’s President, McDonald’s invested in the creation of new Russian restaurants and the modernization of the existing restaurants about 5 Billion Rubles.

Green Development is a land use and construction concept aimed at the decrease on the energy and material resources consumption at higher building and comfort quality.

Today the society cannot get any good quality information on how environmental friendly such or such development project is. Moreover, the developers themselves have no idea how to introduce parameters which increase environmental quality of the building into the existing regulatory documents.

A special project Green Development was organized within the framework of the International Investment Forum PROESTATE to improve the situation. The purpose of the project is to promote the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness issues, implementation of new standards and co-operative search for solutions o f problems with which Russian developers face while introducing innovation construction technologies.

Guild of Construction Managers and Developers organize various events in the framework of Green Development Project. For instance, in April 2012 3rd Business Showroom “Construction Innovations: Energy Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness in Real Estate” took place. In 2011 the conference “Energy efficiency and Environmental Friendliness in Real Estate” was carried out. A number of discussions on the agenda of PROESTATE forum are dedicated to the environmental development.

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