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Taured S.A is a company with a dynamic development curve. We do not yet have a long list of success stories to share, but we are ready to demonstrate our portfolio of major projects.

Our mission

The reason we decided to create our own project management company, Taured S.A., is that we believe we know what is missing in big business today.


Nuclear Medicine: Cutting Cancer Mortality by a Quarter

Oncologist and Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Aleksey Butenko, reveals the specifics behind PET-CT and why this diagnostic method is vital.

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A network of nuclear medicine centres to cover Russia

A country-wide network of nuclear medicine centres is being set up in Russia. The project is conducted by “PET-Technology”, a company belonging to the RUSNANO group, with the participation of private investors. The idea is to create modern highly specialized diagnostic centres based on a method called positron-emission computerized tomography (PET/CT). This is one of the most promising methods for diagnosing cancers, as well as heart and neurological diseases.

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The most important things for project managers in a new product development

At the start of each new project development, there are many things that are not yet known.

The project manager must have the humility to accept this and to write down the questions that must be answered. It means the project manager must be eager to learn what he does not already know. Then he must construct a project plan that will learn the answers to the questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If the true answers are not satisfactory, then the project manager must recognize that the project may not be successful and be willing to settle for what has been learned, information his competitor may already know or may not yet know.

Our success in future projects will always depend on our ability to learn from our current projects. If the answers to the questions are satisfactory, then we must repeat the process of writing down the new things we do not know and seeking the answers until our product is earning more in revenue than the cost of its development.

So, the two characteristics of the successful new product development project manager are humility and curiosity.

Optimizing schedules and balancing risk in resource constrained organizations

All organizations are resource constrained.

When we begin a new product development project, we have seen an opportunity. Every opportunity brings threats. The combination of opportunities and threats are called risks. If we avoid threats, we also avoid opportunities. If we seek opportunity, we must also accept threat.

It may be that the threats of our project are larger than the opportunities and that we cannot mitigate the threats. If this is the case, we must terminate our project and make the resources available to other projects in the portfolio.

Once again, we have learned something that our competitor may already know or that he may not know. What we have learned justifies the cost and effort of our project even though it is cancelled without producing a marketable product. One successful new product can pay the costs of many projects if the failures are fast and inexpensive.

We must learn to schedule each project to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible and at as low a cost as possible. When we have learned what we did not know, we can make decisions to cancel projects or to finish them with confidence.

A project manager who has many failures is not himself a failure. Instead, he has learned more than those who have few failures. So, we will optimize our schedules for learning and not necessarily for finishing each project successfully

Source: International conference «Project management 2009»

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